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No matter what you’re transporting, whether it’s a shipment of specialized tools or the materials for your next big project, you want it to arrive intact. Shrink wrapping your assets at the beginning of the route ensures your property will arrive undamaged, and frees up production managers from having to deal with protection containment for each different shipment mode.

Let’s look more closely at the benefits of shrink wrap for shipping and transport.

Shrink Wrapping Protects Your Assets from Damage

Shrink wrap provides protection superior to that of traditional packaging methods such as corrugated boxes or wood crates covered by a tarp. It’s more durable, creates a tighter seal, and is UV and water repellent.

If you don’t shrink wrap your assets, all sorts of different damage can occur. Here are some of the threats that shrink wrap guards against:

Wear and Tear: Covering your assets with foam padding and a layer of shrink wrap will keep everything held together, preventing the loss of screws and other elements. It’ll also shield it from bumps, scrapes, chipped paint, and other damages incurred during shipping.

Mold and Moisture: Moisture often penetrates other shipment methods and gets into your belongings, potentially causing water damage, rust, parts seizing up, and mold growth. Shrink wrap creates a drum-tight seal unlike a tarp or other covering, preventing these issues.

Weather Conditions: If your item is being transported on the bed of a truck, train car, trailer, or other open-air platform, then it’s exposed to the elements. Thick, durable shrink wrap material will shield it from the potentially damaging effects of sun, salt, rain, dust, dirt, wind, and snow.

Pests: The last thing you want is for your assets to become infested with rodents or bugs. Shrink wrap totally seals off the item and is thick enough to shield from the pests who want to get inside.

Leakage: Sometimes, it’s more about keeping things in than keeping things out. If you’re shipping assets that contain pollutants you don’t want to escape, like paint, used oil, or chemicals, then shrink wrap can add another layer of protection that seals the contents inside and prevent leaks.

Shrink Wrap Streamlines Your Logistics

Not only does it provide the most effective protection for your assets, shrink wrap also helps you improve and streamline your logistics, making it easier and more cost-effective to operate.

Normally, you need to develop different protection containment methods for different modes of transport. Shrink wrap simplifies a lot of that, letting you use the same high-quality protection method across many of your shipping operations. Shrink wrap is equally as effective for a load on the back of a truck driving through a desert as for gear being shipped overseas on a boat.

Not only that, it’s also recyclable. This makes it a relatively sustainable and green option, allowing you to both reduce your environmental impact and recover some of your packaging costs.

However, the biggest benefit to your logistics is Unlimited Shrinkwrap’s mobile shrink wrap service. We’re one of the only shrink wrap companies in the Midwest to offer mobile service. Instead of you having to ship your assets to us to be packaged and returned, our team of technicians will come to you with all the necessary equipment and perform the entire shrink wrap operation on-site.

Our team consists of professionals who’ve been shrink wrapping all sorts of equipment for many years. We’ve handled machines valued up to $2 million, units that have been transported overseas, and components for state projects and large companies like the Vector Pipeline and NPL Construction Co.

Don’t let the condition of your assets depend on inexperienced hands and inexperienced minds—partner with the pros at Unlimited Shrinkwrap!

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