commercial shrink wrap



We provide convenient and effective heat shrink wrap services for businesses in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Here’s how we do commercial shrink wrap!

Enjoy the Complete Commercial Services Package

Our commercial service includes everything a company needs to protect its expensive equipment. We provide:

  • Industrial-grade and flame-retardant polyethylene shrink wrap
  • Professional installation by experienced technicians
  • Quick response and installation at your location
  • 100% recyclable shrink wrap

Commercial Shrink Wrap Works for a Variety of Industries

We have shrink wrapped equipment for a wide variety of businesses. Here are some examples of the industries and types of equipment we’ve wrapped for each:

  • Aviation – airplanes, airplane parts, and jet engines
  • Construction – cherry pickers, water pumps, and temporary work sites
  • International Shipping – semi-trailers and shipping containers
  • Service – outdoor tables and chairs

These are just a few examples of the commercial equipment we can service.

We Provide Reasonable Pricing Based on your Need

At Unlimited Shrinkwrap, we base our pricing on three central factors:

  • Surface Area of the Shrink Wrap – We measure length x width in linear feet.
  • Thickness of the Shrink Wrap – We typically use between 7-12 mil depending on the size of the object.
  • Distance Traveled – We are based in McHenry and will travel anywhere in Illinois, but pricing increases the farther we must travel.

Using these three parameters, we will calculate the total cost of your project. We also offer free estimates. So, contact us today for a free quote!

Discover the Unlimited Shrinkwrap Difference

Why should you choose us over other shrink wrap providers? No other company can provide the experience, convenience, and proven results that we can

Our experts have extensive experience in many fields. So, whether you need construction shrink wrap or shrink wrap for transport, we have you covered!

Plus, we are a mobile shrink wrap provider, which means we offer extra convenience by coming to you. We guarantee service at any location within the state of Illinois within one week of the service request! Few other companies in Illinois offer this benefit.

Finally, our shrink wrap services have a 100% success rating for transport. For this reason, we can say with confidence that we can give you the results you’re looking for!