Shrink Wrap for Commercial Equipment?

Why You Should Consider Shrink Wrap for Commercial Equipment

When we think of commercial and industrial grade equipment, we often marvel at how “rough and tumble” these items can be and often never consider the possibility of them becoming damaged. But, there may come a time when commercial equipment owners need to move or store their products and want to ensure they are kept safe because, on top of being tough, they can also be very expensive to replace. Here are some reasons to consider using shrink wrap for commercial equipment.

Outside Storage

There may come a time when a factory, manufacturer, or other organization needs to move its industrial equipment into an outdoor area, whether it is to create more space, rearrange the shop floor, or to get the equipment out of the way to bring in something new. Weather conditions like extreme heat and cold, wind, and precipitation can do extensive damage to equipment when it is left outside and unprotected for too long, such as wearing paint and causing rust that could compromise performance.

By using commercial shrink wrap, it is possible to cover the exterior of the equipment and help to cut down or even eliminate the possibility of the equipment becoming worn or damaged while it is being stored outside. This is a much easier, more economical solution to moving the equipment into a storage facility or just allowing the weather conditions to take a toll.


Another reason shrink-wrap may be right for commercial equipment is when transportation is needed. Shrink-wrap can help to keep the elements of the equipment together and, when it is wrapped with padding before being shrink-wrapped, it can also help to cut down on the possibility of the equipment being damaged by banging around while it is being transported to a new location. Again, the wrap will also help to cut down on the damage done by wind and other weather conditions during this time.

So, when asking yourself “Where can I get commercial shrink wrap?” think of Unlimited Shrinkwrap and don’t hesitate to call us! We are here to help with all of your shrink wrapping needs!

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