Why You Need Residential Shrink Wrap for Storage

Use Residential Shrink Wrap for Storage to Protect Your Belongings!

In some situations, it may be necessary to move items into storage. For example, restaurants that close seasonally might need kitchen equipment stored. Or a company that is moving might need its furniture put away for a long period of time. Even a family that is transitioning to a new house might need to place their items in long-term storage.

However, just putting these items in a storage unit will not offer the best protection against dirt, dust, and dangerous seasonal elements.

If you’re considering stashing away your belongings, here’s why you should also consider using residential shrink wrap for storage.

Why Should I Use Shrink Wrap for Storage?

When you’re considering the possibility of long-term storage, it’s the perfect time to also look into shrink wrap.

Even when in a storage unit, your belongings are still susceptible to a wide range of damaging possibilities. And depending on what it is, it might not be covered under insurance. Potential leaks in your storage unit can cause water damage to your property. Dust and dirt can seep inside as well.

Moisture can also be an issue with your belongings. Wood can warp or rot, and upholstery can deteriorate under those conditions. Shrink wrap prevents this and preserves the condition of your belongings.

Shrink wrap will also help keep out pests, both large and small. You don’t want termites to eat the wood or spiders and bedbugs to infest your possessions with eggs. Mice and other rodents can also chew a hole through the upholstery and make a home inside your furniture.

Shrink wrap will keep insects and rodents from crawling inside your belongings because its tough plastic material creates a secure seal for the best protection.

What Should I Shrink Wrap?

You can use shrink wrap to protect a variety of things, including vehicles and industrial equipment. Moreover, we would recommend shrink wrapping anything of value that could get damaged.

Here are some of the most common belongings people should shrink wrap.


Kitchen Equipment

There are a lot of restaurants that close seasonally, especially those located in tourist areas or only offer seasonal fare. When the restaurant is not in operation, the equipment in the kitchen and dining areas will sit untouched for possibly months at a time. This can allow grease, dirt, and dust to build up. As a result, the equipment is often in bad shape when it comes time to use it again.

To help combat these problems, we recommend using shrink wrap to keep the equipment protected. The wrap will keep the equipment in good shape and is easy to remove when the time comes to use it again.


Moving to a new location might mean that you must store some of your things. In this case, you should use shrink wrap for storage of home, office, or patio furniture. Even if the move is temporary, such as fixing up your home, make sure to use shrink wrap!

Insects and rodents can chew through the upholstery on your couches and chairs and make a home for themselves inside. That is not something you want to deal with when you’re ready to use your furniture again!

Likewise, termites can get into your tables and chairs and rip through the wood, potentially permanently damaging your furniture. Spiders and bedbugs can also infest your possessions and lay eggs or spin webs. That means cleaning up a mess when it comes time use your belongings again.

Fortunately, shrink wrap will prevent these pests from damaging your precious cargo!


Shrink wrap is not just great for kitchen appliances. If you are storing appliances or large electronics such as sound systems and television sets, then you’ll want to use shrink wrap for storage. Shrink wrap will keep small rodents like mice from crawling inside.

Dust and moisture can also lead to problems with your electronic equipment. It could potentially short out circuits or ruin the inside so that they are unusable. Shrink wrap prevents these problems with ease, making it a money-saving miracle for owners of expensive electronics



Do You Need Shrink Wrap for Storage in McHenry, IL?

If you are going to be leaving your possessions behind in a storage unit or even in some place that might lead to damage, make sure you shrink wrap it!

Are you unsure about having to shrink wrap your furniture, appliances, or office equipment? Not a problem! Let the professionals take care of it!

Unlimited Shrinkwrap can help protect your things before they hit the storage unit. You won’t have to move your belongings before the move either! We do on-site shrink wrapping in McHenry, IL and the greater Chicago area. Contact us today for a quote!

Want Us to Handle the Shrink Wrap Equipment Instead?

Now that you know what’s involved, you may have second thoughts about shrink wrapping on your own. Would you rather leave this job to the experts?

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Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on August 28, 2017 and was updated on December 2, 2019.