Not Just Boats: Who Needs Mobile Shrink Wrapping Services?

Mobile Shrink Wrapping Helps More than Just Boat Owners. Find Out Why!

Did you know that shrink wrap is used for more than just protecting boats? The truth is that shrink wrap can protect all sorts of valuable items. Shrink wrap benefits commercial and residential clients by sealing in their belongings underneath a tough, durable exterior.

Let’s say you want to move or store heavy machinery or a priceless piece of art. You want it to be protected, right? Shrink wrap can do that! But here’s the tricky part. If you don’t want to damage your possessions during transportation, then how do you transport them to get them shrink wrapped?

Unlimited Shrinkwrap has the answer!

We offer mobile shrink wrapping, which means we’ll come to you! We’re based out of McHenry, IL, but if you’re anywhere in Illinois, we will come to you and have the job finished within one week!

We know you want to keep your valuable items safe during transportation or storage. Keeping reading to find out who should be using our mobile shrink wrap service!


What Commercial Services Use Mobile Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrap helps keep whatever you’re moving intact during transportation and long periods of storage. Commercial companies that use shrink wrap often have heavy equipment and furniture. These businesses want to make sure it’s not damaged in the move or harmed while stored.

Shrink wrap is also important for shipping companies. A lot of damage occurs inside shipping trucks. The equipment could possibly not be secured well enough, which could cause damage as it rocks back and forth around the truck. Industrial shrink wrap makes sure your expensive equipment stays safe during transportation.

Are you storing your equipment, furniture, or machinery once it arrives at its destination? Keep it shrink wrapped to protect it while in storage. Anything transported to a warehouse, storage unit, or open lot should stay shrink wrapped.

Storage shrink wrap prevents contaminants such as dust and insects from getting to your possessions. It also defends against outside elements, such as hazardous weather, rain, and snow. That’s perfect if you are storing something in a lot over the winter.

Here is a list of common things businesses use mobile shrink wrapping for:

  • Water pumps
  • Machinery
  • Industrial equipment
  • Laboratory equipment and machines
  • Jet engines and aviation equipment
  • Construction equipment


What Residential Customers Use Mobile Shrink Wrapping?

Residential customers who are moving or want to store something for a long period of time love using mobile shrink wrapping.

In particular, Unlimited Shrinkwrap does a lot for customers during the fall months. Why? Because people are winterizing their belongings and storing them for the next season.

Boats, cars, and ATVs are popular items, but shrink wrap extends far beyond those.

In fact, next to boats, the most popular item shrink wrapped is patio furniture. Shrink wrap keeps the furniture safe from harm against the snow and cold.

During the summer months, on the other hand, customers usually have their winter equipment shrink wrapped for storage. This includes winter tools, like snowblowers.

Summertime is also a great season for moving, and shrink wrap is handy for this as well. Shrink wrapping your valuable items before you move will protect them from damage. And while you can get mover valuation or insurance to cover your items in case of an accident, this can be expensive. Conversely, shrink wrap can save you money and give you peace of mind!

Furthermore, if you are moving with a trailer, you can even have the entire trailer shrink wrapped! And you won’t have to move it because we will come to you. Just load up your trailer and let us handle the rest!

How Much Will This Cost?

Like anything else, the cost of each shrink-wrapping project depends on what the item is, the distance between us, and what kind of material you need.

When it comes to calculating the cost of material, we look at the dimensions of the item and what kind of material you use. The dimensions are the length multiplied by the width of the material in linear feet.

As for what kind of material you’ll need, we typically use 7 – 12 mil paper. We typically use 7 mil paper for boats and patio furniture and 12 mil paper for industrial equipment since it’s thicker.

The cost also depends on how far it is for us to get to you. Again, if you live in Illinois, we will come to you and get the project completed within one week!


What Are the Benefits of Mobile Shrink Wrapping?

Shrink wrap, in general, offers tremendous benefits, such as preservation of the item against harmful elements. But with mobile shrink wrapping, you get the convenience of not having to transport your belongings before you transport them.

Unlimited Shrinkwrap also guarantees that your project will be completed within one week. Our timeliness gives your peace of mind during what could be a stressful period.

We also boast a 100% success rate. Everything we have shrink wrapped stands against the elements and holds its integrity.

And what happens after you’ve removed the shrink wrap? It’s made from 100% recyclable materials. That means you don’t have to schedule a special pick up after you have removed it. It can be disposed of in any recycling container.

Do You Need Mobile Shrink Wrapping?

Are you moving this spring? Or maybe you need to store equipment that is only used in the winter. Whatever your shrink wrapping needs, we are ready to help! Get your free quote here or give us a call at (815) 759-8944. Let’s start protecting your valuable possessions today!