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Industrial Shrink Wrap Helps Projects Run Smoothly And Efficiently

Industrial projects demand highly-trained crews and top-notch equipment every step of the way. And taking care of your tools and planning for inclement weather or unexpected damage is equally important. Luckily, industrial shrink wrap provides extra defense against harsh conditions and creates controlled workspaces.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of shrink wrap in industrial-scale projects.

Enjoy Durable Safety for Your Assets

Shrink wrap consists of sturdy, durable plastic, which makes it difficult to tear or puncture. Unlike other materials, shrink wrap doesn’t become brittle or weaken when in the sun or extreme cold. Once the shrink wrap has been heated and sealed over your objects, it won’t loosen or sag.

Preserve Heavy-Duty Equipment

On a day-to-day basis, industrial machinery undergoes a lot of stress. So, when not in use, it’s important to make sure that your equipment stays in perfect working condition. To increase the longevity of your machinery, shrink wrap offers protection against storage dangers like dust, pests, and moisture.

Create Controlled Workspaces

Shrink wrap isn’t just for objects. In fact, our team can also use it to seal rooms and construction sites. These insulated workspaces are perfect for retaining heat as well as controlling dust and fumes. So, industrial shrink wrap can bring an element of safety and control to work sites.

Limit Dust and Debris

Routine operations like painting, sandblasting, and powder coating cause a lot of toxic fumes and debris dangerous to workers. Luckily, shrink wrap can limit the effects of these hazardous particles. When combined with vents, shrink wrap makes it easier to regulate airflow in these workspaces.

Make Construction Sites Safer

Along with guarding against unsightly, damaging debris, industrial shrink wrap can also increase the safety of a construction site. For instance, it protects against harsh weather conditions by keeping out the elements. Also, shrink wrap can be used around scaffolding to add an extra layer of safety from falling tools.

Work with a Qualified Team!

The professionals at Unlimited Shrinkwrap have done industrial shrink wrap operations on equipment valued as high as $2 million. We’ve executed these contracts for both state-funded projects and private
companies, including NPL and the Vector Pipeline. Our technicians have years of experience shrink
wrapping all kinds of heavy-duty equipment and workspaces in McHenry, IL. If you have a project coming up that needs shrink wrap, we’d love to hear from you!

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