residential shrink wrap



Contrary to popular belief, heat shrink wrap services aren’t just for industrial use. They can also work wonders for your residential needs, including moving, storage, and roof repair!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of residential shrink wrap.

Residential Shrink Wrap Simplifies Moving and Storage

We shrink wrap furniture to protect it from damage during a move. The durable, watertight seal delivers a strong defense against moisture, pests, and heat. It also keeps the furniture from taking up extra space or snagging on anything during the move.

Shrink wrap is also an excellent protective option for long term storage. Even if you place your furniture in a storage facility, there’s still a risk of exposure to the elements. Shrink wrap neutralizes that risk by protecting against humidity, temperature fluctuations, insects, rodents, and more!

And we’re not only experts at wrapping outdoor furniture for winter. We can also shrink wrap golf carts, riding mowers, and RV’s to keep pests out during the off months. Shrink wrap can even insulate greenhouses to protect the plants inside!

Shrink Wrap Also Helps with Roof Repair

The intense storms we encounter in McHenry, IL, frequently damage roofs. Unfortunately, a roofing contractor isn’t always available right away to come and fix the problem. In the meantime, a hole in the roof can put a home at risk of all sorts of issues.

Fortunately, shrink wrap is an excellent temporary solution for roof repair. The material works great as a patch because it keeps out moisture and seals tightly against the surface of the roof. Unlike regular tarps, shrink wrap won’t leave your roof vulnerable with a sudden gust of wind.

We have installed shrink wrap patches on many roofs in our region. They have served homeowners well as they waited for their roofing contractors to arrive.

Professional Installation Ensures Quality and Safety

Many homeowners want to try to install shrink wrap on their own. Unfortunately, this is often a mistake for many reasons.

First, installing shrink wrap without professional guidance puts your home at risk. There are many mistakes you could make that would leave your home worse off than it was before you installed the wrap. For example, you might trap moisture inside your home, which can damage your furniture and electronics. You could also apply too much heat or create a weak seal that later breaks.

Shrink wrapping is also very dangerous. It requires a large amount of heat and can lead to severe burns if you’re not careful. The risk of burning yourself can also become a falling hazard if you’re trying to apply shrink wrap on your roof.

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