7 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Are you planning on moving or doing some extensive travel this summer? Do you want to bring your classic 57 Chevy along but are afraid of damaging it? Take your vacation and bring your baby too! There are proper ways to prepare and pack your car so that it doesn’t get damaged along the way.

7 tips to help make your travel stress free:

  1. Thoroughly Clean Out the Vehicle
    Make sure that you clean your car and remove any loose items within such as loose change or items under the seats. You don’t want anything flying around the inside of your car while it is being transported. This is of more importance should you hire a professional transport your vehicle. Also, make sure you remove anything including any personal information just to be on the safe side.
  2. Check the Tires and Battery
    Make sure that the battery in the vehicle is fully charged and securely intact.
  3. Remove Toll Tags and Passes
    Make sure to remove any items that can be charged continually along the way. Not to mention they are valuable and could be targeted for theft.
  4. Empty the Gas Tank to a Quarter Full
    Having a full tank of gas will weigh down your vehicle and make the travel more difficult. Having a quarter tank will cover loading the vehicle and will also be enough to get you to the gas station.
  5. Keep an Eye out for Any Leaks
    If your vehicle is leaking it will not be loaded onto the top rack of a multi-car carrier as they can drip onto other vehicles.
  6. Secure All Openings in the Vehicle
    Close all of the windows and if you have a convertible be sure to secure the top of the vehicle.
  7. Shrink wrap the Vehicle
    This is the most important step of all and yet often over looked. Shrink wrapping your vehicle will protect it from many common hazards such as severe weather conditions, flying debris and even theft should they occur.

Whether you are transporting it yourself or are hiring someone to do it for you, by follow all of these steps to prepare your vehicle for transportation you can rest easy knowing it will get there safely. If you have any questions about how to get your vehicle shrink wrapped call Unlimited Shrinkwrap today!

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