What Kinds of Commercial Equipment Can Shrink Wrap Protect?

If there’s one defining characteristic about humanity that always continues to astound and amaze, it’s our drive to create. The number and variety of industries out there is a testament to our raw ambition to make things, and it’s mind-boggling how much technology has been developed for any one of these industries alone. Sprawling factories full of complex, high-tech machinery, all designed to perform one specific step in the creation of one specific product that may itself just be a component of another product.

And yet, despite the variety of tasks which these machines may be required to perform, they all share some characteristics. They must be transported to the facility where they will be used, and along the way they’re susceptible to damage from dust, rain, and other potential threats. Shrink wrap is an effective solution for combating this problem—but just what kind of commercial equipment can be shrink wrapped?

Here are some examples of the many kinds of industrial equipment that can benefit from shrink wrap—maybe after reading, you’ll find your own use for commercial shrink wrap in McHenry, IL.

Commercial Shrink Wrap for Aviation and Aerospace Equipment

There are few kinds of machines in the world that can rival the complexity and delicacy of modern aircraft. These modern marvels are comprised of thousands and thousands of components, many of which are complex machines in and of themselves, and all of which need to be precisely engineered to perform their function to keep the craft running well.

The Boeing 737, for example, is made up of 367,000 parts. These parts are all supplied by hundreds of manufacturers, spread out across every corner of the U.S.—a fuselage here, a wing flap there, etc. Some parts are even manufactured overseas in countries like China or Japan.

And so, to get a complete airplane out of all these thousands of parts, they must be assembled in the Boeing assembly plant, but in order to be assembled there they must first be transported there. That’s where the potential issues crop up.

Many parts will need to be transported via ground shipping. Others, coming from overseas, will be shipped by boat. Either way, if left unprotected these parts could take some serious damage from the elements. And since the pieces are often so large, many parts are transported on open flatbeds. Fuselages for example are transported on freight trains with no covering.

For many of the more complicated mechanical parts, especially those involved in the engines or other vital components, such transportation can pose a threat. Salty air and water during overseas transportation, dusty roads, rain—all of these elements could corrode or otherwise damage these parts when they’re not in a plane and instead being shipped across the globe.

In other situations an entire aircraft, such as a helicopter, might be shipped in its entirety. In these cases, several parts might be removed, creating openings where dust, grime, and moisture can enter. Other times, an aircraft simply needs to be stored for a while, and here too they need protection from those same creeping elements.

In either scenario, whether a part or a whole aircraft, commercial shrink wrap is the answer. Shrink wrap will not only protect these expensive, high-tech pieces of technology from all the elements they encounter, but can also be made to have special waterproof access openings so that workers can still perform necessary maintenance work as they are being transported. Just the protection you want for the equipment that will keep you in the air!

Commercial Shrink Wrap for the Energy Sector

While hundreds of thousands of parts for one massive machine is impressive, even a jet may not be able to compete with the sophistication, sensitivity, and complexity of the Commercial Shrink Wrap Equipmentequipment that makes up a modern power plant.

Whether it’s a conventional coal or gas power station, a nuclear power generating station like one of the six we have right here in Illinois, or even a wind farm, generating the electricity that powers our lives takes lots of big, expensive, high-tech equipment.

Often, this equipment will need to be transported or stored. Those massive wind turbines you often see in the Midwest are assembled piecemeal, with individual blades transported by truck across miles of highway. Other times, a power station might be getting a new condenser or other large, sensitive machine shipped from a manufacturer and then must keep it clean and protected until they’re ready to install it.

You already know that commercial shrink wrap is useful in keeping the elements out in such situations. But in the case of the energy sector, it can also be useful in keeping things in. When a power plant, be it coal or nuclear, decommissions old equipment, disposal of this equipment must be undertaken with the utmost care to ensure that contaminants don’t leak out. If such contaminants did escape, it might violate waste disposal laws, damage the environment, and even impact human health.

Commercial shrink wrap offers a solution. The thick, flame retardant material forms a complete seal on all sides of the object, not only keeping dust and moisture out but keeping contaminants sealed within.

Commercial Shrink Wrap for Construction Operations

Perhaps the most obvious industry for making use of commercial shrink wrap, the construction industry has a staggering variety of machines for every manner of task.

Whether it’s a crane, combine, conveyor, or concrete pump, it needs to get to where it’s needed. And regardless of if it’s being shipped overseas from a manufacturer to a foreign buyer, or if a company just needs to move it for that next project, it needs to get there in the same condition as it was in when it left.

In this industry as in the others discussed, shrink wrap is a wise investment because it can protect this expensive equipment from being damaged en route to its location. And since so many of these machines are built for such narrow purposes, many of them may not in use for extended periods until a project that requires them comes up. In these times, too, shrink wrap is a good option for protecting them while in storage.

These are just a few of the types of commercial equipment that can benefit from shrink wrap. If you think you might have a use for commercial shrink wrap in McHenry, Unlimited Shrink wrap has the expertise and hands-on experience to get the job done right, so that the shrink wrap doesn’t fail partway through transportation. Just give us a call at (815) 759-8944 to speak with one of our professionals about the project you have in mind.

Protecting your assets is an important part of maintaining your business, and damaged equipment can throw a wrench in your operation, costing time and money to deal with. Let us help you shield your equipment from the elements, so that you can rest easy.


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