How Should I Pack for a Move?

How to Successfully Pack for a Move

Packing up possessions in anticipation of moving can be stressful, overwhelming, and simply exhausting. The various risks for damage, whether by the vibrations of moving cars and trucks or by movers working too quickly, only add to those worries even more.

Despite all of that, there are measures that one can take to ensure proper property protection and that you pack for your move successfully, without any hitches.

The most important thing that one needs is supplies–specifically packing materials:

  • Plenty of cardboard boxes–get different sizes and make sure they are sturdy enough to hold heavy or numerous possessions.
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper–fragile items are especially vulnerable, and they need extra padding (which helps absorb the car vibrations that can shatter glass or ceramic). Old newspapers, magazines, and even clothing can be used to wrap items or just put in empty spaces in boxes for even more protective packaging.
  • Stretch Wrap–this industrial sized plastic wrap comes in handy for furniture, bedding, and other large items. Wrap tightly, and the item will be protected from dirt, water, and dust. Because of its stickiness, stretch wrap is great for bundling odd-spaced items together.
  • Packing Tape, Duct Tape – scotch tape simply won’t do.
  • Heavy Duty Garbage Bags–can be used for clothing or for any items that you plan to donate.
  • Labels, Sharpies, Paper/Pen, Clipboard–make sure to organize boxes and have some kind of labeling system in place. This ensures the move goes as smoothly as possible, as well as helping you and any hired help know what might be more delicate. Be as clear as possible when labeling–this keeps people from having to reopen boxes or having to ask you.

It helps to have everything packed with enough time left to spare. If you’re in a hurry, property protection becomes a major concern and you could end with more broken furniture and possessions when you unpack. Take your time, label properly, protect your goods, and the move should go smoothly!

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