Why Shrink Wrap My Boat?

For those of us who must leave their boat in the elements of the off season: Winter is coming and you wonder “What is all of this talk about shrink wrap? I have a perfectly good tarp”. Well yes, a tarp is a good start. However, it will require you consistently trudging through the blizzards to brush off the hefty snow piles, making sure it hasn’t caved in from all of the weight of the snow. A tarp is also not air tight so let’s not even mention all of the critters that will climb in to take refuge from the nasty weather. You won’t have to worry about any of this when you get a well-done, air-tight shrink wrap to protect your boat. Yes, you heard that right, no more trudging through the snow! Not even a second thought about the condition of your boat until spring! Okay, now let’s get to the details. Just how much will shrink wrap change your boating life?
Properly done shrink wrap will protect your boat from rain, snow, ice, wind, moisture, pests and even transportation to name a few.

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Here is how various conditions can damage your boat and how shrink wrap can solve the issue:

1. Heavy/ Freezing Rains, Blizzards, and Flooding
Tis the season that we boat lovers dread all year round. Blizzards will leave your boat covered in snow for sometimes even months. When the inside of your boat has been flooded, by the time spring comes, you will uncover a foul mildew smell. More importantly, you also run a serious risk of damage to your electrical system which will cost you good money to repair. With the air-tight and waterproof shrink wrap on your boat, the inside of your boat will stay clean and dry throughout the winter season.

2. Violent Winds and Critters
Violent winds will bring random dirt, debris and even little critters from the neighboring lands. Having air-tight shrink wrap to cover your boat gives it that extra shield and also holds your boat together and keeps it in one piece while blocking out any unwanted pests.

3. Transportation
If you are one of the lucky ones who will be going south for winter, or maybe you just want to transport your boat to a safer environment, moving your boat can be very risky as you may lose or break pieces. Shrink wrap is designed for safer transport. It’s strong, tightly-wrapped shield will keep everything in and make it less vulnerable to breakage.

I hope by now you have realized what a world of difference that shrink wrap will do for you and your lovely boat the off season. If you have any questions please contact Unlimited Shrinkwrap, we look forward to hearing from you!

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